Your complete Helping Hands fundraising kit

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Helping Hands Cambodia. Our work is not possible without the invaluable support of fundraisers, donors and volunteers like you.

Fundraising is a fantastic way not only to support Helping Hands but also to have fun and get your friends and family involved in this important cause.

To help you get started, we have put together this page which links you to everything you need to start fundraising for Helping Hands!

And remember, if you have fundraising questions or need support at any point, please send us an email at

Fundraising resources

Top 10 fundraising activities
To get you started, we’ve put together a list of ten top fundraising ideas. These are just some of the great ways you can fundraise, but whatever you decide, remember that simple is normally best! Download the list

Helping Hands overview
This handy one-page document gives an overview of Helping Hands and its fundraising needs, so is perfect to have on-hand at any fundraising events or to give to your supporters. Download the overview

Helping Hands Powerpoint presentation
If your fundraising efforts include a speech, this simple Powerpoint presentation will have you ready to present and explain Helping Hands in no time. It also includes a short video which really brings the project to life. Download the presentation

How to donate
If you are doing online fundraising, or have friends or family who would like to support you from another country, this one pager provides all the essential information about the best online avenues to donate to Helping Hands through. Download the guide

How to set up a personalised fundraising page
Setting up your own online fundraising page is often the easiest way for people to support your efforts and donate to Helping Hands. This document contains information about our two favourite fundraising sites. They are all set up to make donating to Helping Hands really easy and they also allow your supporters to make tax deductible or tax efficient donations. Download the guide

Fundraising event poster
Once you have decided on your event, just fill in the gaps on this poster then put it up around your work, school or community to let people know about your event! Download the poster

Fundraising invitation template
If you are holding an event, this easy to use Helping Hands invitation template means that all you need to do is print out these invitations then fill in the gaps and you’ll be ready to invite people to your event. Download the invitation

Donation register form
This form will help you keep track of the donations you have received, and if you email it to us post-event, we will thank each of your donors. Download the form

Letter requesting a talk or meeting
An important aspect of fundraising is building awareness of what you are doing. If you want to do a presentation or organise a meeting as part of your fundraising, this template provides all the basics. Download the letter

Media request email template
Media can help spread word of your volunteering and fundraising efforts far and wide, and this template is a great way to start your approaches to the media. Someone might just read about your experiences in your local paper and decide they want to come and volunteer too. Download the letter