Sports for Social Impact

At Helping Hands we believe that all children deserve access to not only basic education but a childhood full of learning, opportunity and fun. Our sports program at Iqbal school builds on the health and hygiene work that our teachers diligently deliver.

Helping Hands girls in the Soccer League, 2014

Local coaches use the medium of sport to help Cambodians break the cycle of poverty. Students involved in the sports lessons learn not only about basic skills but also about health and well-being. Sessions are designed to support female empowerment, team building and confidence. Committed students become part of a big team which frequently travels to Siem Reap to play in friendly matches against local schools. These games are a chance for our students to learn in a new environment amongst peers, as well as being a hugely exciting trip to town.

We are grateful for the coaches provided by the Globalteer Sports Project who make this possible.