School uniform supply

School uniform supply Cambodia

Providing the children with a school uniform

All our students receive two school uniforms each year. Some of the children had just one set of clothes. How could we teach them about personal hygiene when they had to wear the same clothes every single day?

Each year we provide every student with two white tops and two navy blue skirts or trousers/shorts. The reason for this choice is because this is the uniform our children are required to wear at the government school and, without the required uniform, they are not permitted to attend the government school.

Aline, one of our treasured long-term volunteers and supporters, takes charge of this uniform programme for us. She comes from her home in France twice each year specifically to help the kids of Iqbal School.

First, she measures all the children, next she fundraises tirelessly when she returns home to raise the money for the uniforms and, finally, she comes back to Cambodia later in the year to enjoy presenting each of the children with their new clothes.

The uniforms are made to order by a local NGO (non government organisation), providing much needed employment for the graduates of their sewing school. So, Aline’s uniform supply programme is a winner all round.


New and old school uniforms to allow the kids to attend government school

Old school uniforms


Happy kids with new school uniforms