Nutrition Training


1 Nutrition Training Pilot ProgramNutrition Training Programme

Nutrition is vital for children’s development. According to the World Food Program, childhood undernutrition can cause irreversible damage to children’s mental and physical development, and malnutrition is related to a wide range of issues—resistance to disease, intellectual development, equity and economic development. Babies and children with proper nutrition have significantly lower risk of mortality from all diseases, better intellectual and physical capacity, which often lead to better social establishment and employability when they grow up.


Witnessing the prevalence of child malnutrition around the village of Prasat Char and its surrounding villages, Helping Hands is taking a step forward with the development of new

5 Mothers attending nutrition training program sinitiative of a Nutrition Training Program. The pilot of this 11-week nutrition training program is informed by WFP and UNICEF’s nutrition programming guidance, and is delivered by our experienced trainer Ratha who has received training on early childhood nutrition and has worked on USAID’s similar project.

The initiative will focus on training care-givers – mainly the mothers, grandparents and mothers-to-be in nutrition, health and hygiene-related subjects to enhance their general knowledge and ability to improve the health outcomes of their children and other family members. More specifically, it covers wide array of topics such as food and nutrient, common disease prevention, balanced diet & diet diversity, food preparation techniques, health enhancement, hygiene in food storage and preparation, household environmental and sanitation issues, etc. It also includes specific topics on things like breastfeeding techniques, breastfeeding for mothers with HIV/ AIDS, food for specific age groups, sick family members and the elderly, etc.

The nutrition program goes hand in hand with our other projects. Students attending our school receive free breakfast, clean drinking water and health and hygiene education, and more than half of the participants are former trainees of our agricultural training program and members of village saving groups supported by Helping Hands. This holistic approach will help make sure participants are not only equipped with practical knowledge but also have a reliable income and/or access to financial support when needed, to ensure the overall

3 Young Mother attending nutrition training program seffectiveness of the program and sustainable impact within the community.

The trial program is implemented initially in the seven villages – Prasat Char, Doun Un, Doun Keo, Peam I & II, L’bark and Thnot Chrom that we already have a long-term relationship with.