Past Projects


Helping Hands has worked with Prasat Chas village since 2004. Here are just some of our past successes in partnership with the community


Grow and Save


Grow and save

As an isolated village with poor transport links and no local market, Prasat Chas residents lack diet diversity, relying heavily on foraged foods to supplement their rice-based meals. Helping Hands has run training courses with the community covering essential knowledge on how to grow, store and save local vegetables and seeds. Our aim is to maximise the potential of the land and water resources at their disposal to produce high quality vegetables. These courses have proved highly successful.



1 Nutrition Training Pilot Program s

You are what you eat!


You are what you eat

To support the breakfast program that we run at Iqbal School, nutritional know-how has involved parents in the community aswell. The nutrition initiative focuses on training care-givers – mainly the mothers, grandparents and mothers-to-be in nutrition, health and hygiene-related subjects to enhance their general knowledge and ability to improve the health outcomes of their children and other family members.






 Safe crossing


Safe Crossing

In 2006 the bridge which several communities continue to rely on was built with Helping Hands’ funds. In keeping with Helping Hands’ philosophy of helping people to help themselves, local villagers were employed as labourers on the bridge. In 2013 Helping Hands fixed a second bridge in the village which had partially collapsed under heavy rain.






Wheels to the world


Wheels to the world

Helping Hands has facilitated ‘exchange’ programs in Prasat Chas village. In exchange for labouring work on infrastructure projects, Helping Hands has supplied bicycles as payment. This project evolved at the direct request of community members whose need for transport is great due to the distance to schools, markets and hospitals from the village.





Save to Spend

Save to Spend


Save to spend

In response to families’ concerns about money in the village, such as their lack of ‘emergency money’ should they have to pay for hospital or housing repairs, Hands Hands has initiated a simple Savings Group. This group chooses to each pay in a small amount of money to a central pot. Money can then be borrowed from the pot if and when needed for agricultural purposes or emergency situations at a very low interest rate. Among other things, members borrow the money for buying seeds, tools and fertilizer to improve their harvests.




Water for Life

Water for Life


Water for life

After completing agricultural training courses, each participant was rewarded with a simple drip-feed irrigation system. Without the drip-feed irrigation systems they would have to water their vegetable gardens by hand with watering cans, a very time consuming process which limited the amount of vegetables they could grow.





Healthy and Happy

Healthy and Happy


Healthy and happy

Helping Hands has supported a wide variety of community member to access both short and long term medical care. Many sick villagers are unable to leave Prasat Chas to seek medical treatment due to the cost and challenge of the journey. Helping Hands has been active in addressing these challenges and supporting those in need to access healthcare at hospitals and clinics in Siem Reap. We support this with our focus on Health and Hygiene at Iqbal School.




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