Donate Monthly

Join our Monthly Giving Programme and help secure a brighter future for our kids.

Helping Hands relies solely on the generosity of friends to deliver our vital and holistic programme of education, nutrition and health support to over 300 children, young adults and their families.



Regular donations are invaluable and help ensure that we are able to provide the best standard of education, valuable training and resources, emergency medical care and the costs of supporting a school and local teachers.



160_1049359556By making regular, monthly donations to Helping Hands you’ll be helping us to ensure that the future really is brighter for our entire community. Regular donors play such an important part in our work and it’s a great way to show your support for the project staff and all the families we work with.


You can donate securely via Paypal, choosing the Monthly Donation option.


In Cambodia a little can go a very long way and have a huge impact.

Here are just some examples of what your monthly gift can buy:

£10 or US$15 a month pays for 8 new books to re-stock the English and Khmer library

£25 or US$40 a month pays for our gardener, seeds and tools to grow vegetables for our poorest students’ breakfasts

£40 or US$60 a month provides sponsorship for one of our students to attend university

£50 or US$75 a month would cover the cost of our part time Khmer kindergarten classroom, including teacher, books, chalk and pencils

£100 or US$150 month pays for 6 of our students to be taken to hospital in cases of emergency

£150 or US$225 per month pays for a nutritious daily breakfast for 50 students

To set up your monthly gift, please visit our parent charity Globalteer’s Paypal Page and select Helping Hands from the drop down menu or click on the button below. It’s safe and secure and will only be used for Helping Hands.


Whilst the exact needs of Helping Hands can vary we guarantee that all donations are used in accordance with our charitable objectives, as required by the UK Charities Commission. We are always open to ideas on how you would like your donation to be used, but we reserve the right to make the final decision on how funds are invested.

We are proud of our transparent accounting practices. If at any stage you would like to know more about how the funds are distributed, please e-mail to ask for a copy of our Annual Report.