Meet the team

Meet the team

Bo Sitha – Globalteer Office Manager

Sitha splits her role between our parent charity Globalteer and Helping Hands. She brings to Helping Hands nearly 10 years of experience in the charity sector. You’ll find Sitha supporting our scholarship students, communicating with local partners and scouring the markets of Siem Reap to find the best price materials for our school students.

Jen Dues – Globalteer Regional Manager

Jen is a development expert from West Coast USA and has been managing the Globalteer team in Cambodia since 2013. If you are a volunteer, visitor or someone making an email inquiry then no doubt you’ll be in touch with Jen. Jen makes sure the whole team stay focused on their mission, looking at the bigger picture and long-term strategy, whilst offering support on the ground.

Sim Channang – Project Coordinator and English Teacher

‘Nang’ is on-site everyday to teach the higher-level English classes, deliver teacher training and develop the school’s curriculum. Here’s why he is committed to HHC:

“There are three reasons why I work for Helping Hands Cambodia. Firstly, I like to work close to the poor. HHC is located in the rural community, where most families depend on subsistence farming and fishing. Most teenagers and adults migrate to be construction workers in Siem Reap City and Thailand while the small children and the old stay at home.

“Secondly, I believe in education as a way out of poverty. Almost 300 poor students have chance to study English and Khmer at HHC. I can see that they will have good future because they are receiving a good education from HHC. Education will change everything.

Thirdly, my childhood was like the kids in this village. When I was 5 years old, my father had to resign himself to being a soldier and spent most of his time in the battles while my mother had to take care of three children and did farming in the countryside. Working close to the poor, offering education to the poor and having the same childhood situation keeps me committed to working hard for HHC. “

Sopheap Kong – English Teacher

Dedicated father and teacher Sopheap is one of the success stories of Prasat Char village, having educated himself and now working as the English teacher at Iqbal School. Sopheap and his young family live in the village and he is vital to the school not just as a teacher but as a communication point with the village. When asked what future he wants for his community he says, 

Voeun Kong – Khmer Teacher and Community Worker

“I am a resident in this village. I work for Helping Hands Cambodia because I want to help develop my community, and want all children have the chance to receive English and Khmer education. On top of that, I want to help solve the problems happening to all my students, especially family problems which are preventing their to education.”

Sovanna Sao – Kindergarten Khmer Teacher

Vanna loves to hug people, and her natural warmth makes her the perfect person to run one of our kindergarten classes at Iqbal School. As a respected elder in the village with an active role in community work, Vanna is well known and much loved by her young students.

Sarin Seng – Kindergarten Khmer Teacher

“I work for Helping Hands Cambodia for the children. I really love kids. They are smiling to my heart. Since I am from the village, I commit to transfer all my  knowledge to all our beloved kids. HHC is a good NGO because it invests in education and wants to see all the kids have good future. I am so happy when I see a good team work from the bottom to top. I like HHC because it works honestly and equally with all the people here regardless of race, religion and nation. “

Rhi Rhom – Gardener

Rhi has been working for one year as Helping Hand’s gardener. Rhi manages an onsite garden at the project where she plants, grows and harvests organic vegetables for the project’s breakfast programme. Her job is vital in helping to provide the students the right nutrition (without chemical substances) to support their health and learning. For Rhi it is a very fulfilling role,

“I’m very happy to see the students joining our breakfast club in the early morning, in which the vegetables used in the breakfast meal are from my plantation.”

Lah Rom – Breakfast Cook and Cleaner

Lah’s family has been living next door to Iqbal School and  she started to work at Iqbal School as our cook in 2013. Her domain is the little kitchen hut where she prepares breakfast five days a week for our Breakfast Programme but she can also be found keeping the site clean after classes finish every day.

Deborah Groves – Founder

Helping Hands was founded by Australian photographer Deborah Groves. As a tourist to Cambodia in 2004, Deborah was very moved by the poverty she came across in the rural village, Prasat Chas, where the organization is focused. From humble beginnings working with the community to offer emergency medical care and simple farm tools, Helping Hands grew to encompass a school and a holistic array of projects. Read about some of our past projects here. 

Globalteer S

In 2013 UK registered charity Globalteer took over from Deborah Groves as the official manager for Helping Hands Cambodia. Find out about our current projects and future plans here.