2015 Classroom Campaign

Helping Hands needs your help so we can build two new classrooms!

A busy outdoor class at Helping Hands. Extra classes are held outside during the dry season due to over crowding in the main classroom.

We continually strive to improve the futures of the 300 children who attend Helping Hands, through our free education program. But the impact of the education we provide is being limited simply by our lack of classroom space.

The creation of a single building – two additional classrooms and one office – will enable all students to double their contact hours and give us the option of reducing class size, both of which will have a positive impact on the quality of education of our students and the motivation and well-being of our teachers.

It will also increase our capacity to host international volunteers to assist in the classes, particularly those for which our local staff are undertrained, such as in English and Computing, and to share appropriate skills with our Khmer staff.

 To build these classrooms we need to raise $34,000. Please watch the video below to find out all you need to know about our exciting plans, and how you can help.

The Proposal

To achieve this much-needed expansion Helping Hands needs your help to raise $34,000 USD.

This cost covers the 4-step process:

1. Wall building – from the concrete bridge to the existing Helping Hands school site as a retaining wall

2. Land filling – building up and leveling the land in preparation for construction

3. Building and finishing the Classroom and Office block – one long brick and cement building with open windows for ventilation, with two classrooms and a central office and resource room

4. Equipping classrooms – with chairs, desks, whiteboard, laptop, fan and solar panel and of course teachers!


One of the busy classrooms at Helping Hands Cambodia. Overcrowding limits the students ability to progress due to mixed abilities, teacher challenges and behavioral disruptions.

Your help is vital in helping us reach our goal! 

1. You can help by donating directly to Helping Hands – New Classroom on Global Giving – remember that your amount will go towards our grand total

2. Organising a fundraiser and sharing with your friends – getting friends and family on board with this amazing project by asking them to support you for a fundraiser

For any further details please contact helping.hands@cambodia.org


Art and craft day at Helping Hands.